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Fargesia murielae

Umbrella Bamboo

Max/Avg Height (ft.): 14, 10-12

Diameter: 0.5 inch

Hardiness: -20° F

USDA Zones: 5-9, Not recommended for climates with a lot of intense heat or high summer humidity (including most of the southern USA)

Considered by Ernest "China" Wilson, who introduced it into cultivation in 1910, to be one of the most beautiful of all bamboos.  With a soft, cascading canopy of lustrous evergreen foliage, we do not consider this long standing impression to be outdated. The new shoots are light blue with tan culm sheaths, aging to a yellowish-green. It looks best when planted in an area that gets afternoon shade or dappled sunlight throughout the day. Like all other Fargesias, it does not have running rhizomes and needs no containment to prevent spread. It will retain its pastel green foliage throughout the winter, though it usually sheds a few leaves in late fall.

Even more important than its sublime qualities, F. murielae, accompanied by F. nitida,  are the hardiest of all bamboos. F. murielae began flowering in the United States in 1992. We carefully collected and germinated the seeds and now are offering a new generation of “Umbrella Bamboo” which will not flower for the next 100 years.

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Mature Height Max / Avg. (ft.) in Zone 8
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Zone Range
Light Tolerance
Range (1-5)
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Fargesia murielae
14, 10-12