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Borinda nujiangensis

Max/Avg Height (ft.): 15(?)

Diameter: 0.75 inch

Hardiness: 15°F

USDA Zones: 8b-9, Not recommended for climates with a lot of intense heat or high summer humidity (including most of the southern USA)

This Borinda of moderate hardiness, nujiangensis has some of the most slender leaves of any Borinda.  The new shoots have beautiful reddish marbled sheaths. We have had it in the ground for a little over 3 years. Last winter when we dropped down to 12F, this plant lost most of its leaves, but the canes appear to still be alive. We are still learning its size and hardiness. Only Borinda angustissima has smaller leaves, but nujiangensis has longer, more slender leaves.

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1 to 3 ft


2 to 4 ft


4 to 7 ft


7 to 12 ft


12 to 15 ft


15 to 18 ft


18 to 25 ft


up to 35 ft
Mature Height Max / Avg. (ft.) in Zone 8
or Clumping
Zone Range
Light Tolerance
Range (1-5)
*Depends on climate*
Borinda nujiangensis