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Borinda macclureana

Max/Avg Height (ft.): 25, 18-20

Diameter: 1 inch

Hardiness: 10°F

USDA Zones: 8b-9, Not recommended for climates with a lot of intense heat or high summer humidity (including most of the southern USA)

A very interesting new addition to the Borinda genus, B. macclureana has lush green foliage, and proven to be fairly cold hardy in the Pacific Northwest. Tall and vigorous, but tightly clumping, non-invasive rhizome structure. Culms gently arching with large, elegant foliage draping from purple branches. It is taller than previously thought; the new culms measured 16 to 19 feet in 2008 (see first photo). Our friends in Europe report that it has achieved 26 feet. The new leaves at the top of the new culms can be very large, up to 10 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. The leaves are pubescent on the lower surface (baring millions of microscopic hairs) making it resistant to bamboo mites and other pests. It requires a sheltered and partially shaded area to look its best, though it can probably tolerate a fair amount of sun exposure in the Pacific Northwest. Collected by Keith Rushford in Tibet, at an elevation close to 11,000 feet. (KR # 5177)

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Mature Height Max / Avg. (ft.) in Zone 8
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Borinda macclureana
25, 18-20