Transporting Tall Bamboo

Guide to taking home a 20+ foot tall bamboo with an average size truck

Many customers ask us, "How do you transport such tall plants?"
It is actually much easier than some may think to take home outstandingly large bamboo using just an average-size pick-up truck. We assist with all the wrapping and loading. Generally more than four plants this size will require a trailer or a second trip.

We also offer a delivery service:
Local Deliveries:
Members of our staff can deliver orders to locations in or near Portland, Vancouver, western Washington, Salem, Corvallis/Albany, and Eugene. Please contact us for rates. We also do local consultations, installations, and removals. Have an experienced bamboo grower and landscaper visit your site and provide insight to your project. Talk to us for details. 503-647-2700

For large orders shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states, we hire a trucking company and are able to transport hundreds of bamboo this size in one trip. Contact us for rates.1. A tall, 20 gallon Phyllostachys vivax has been selected by a customer and placed onto the truck bed:

2.  The bamboo is laid on its side and carefully wrapped with twine and clear plastic stretch wrap, then stood back upright:

3.  Finally, the plant is tilted to the front of the truck and securely fastened over the hood and to the front grill with rope and twine. Burlap has been wrapped around the stress point on the cane to prevent chafing. Also, make sure the culm is secured to the truck at this point.

Safe to travel, just don't park in the sun for long, or drive over 60 mph!

photo copyright: Bamboo Garden, 2007
Two 20+ foot tall Phyllostachys nigra in one truck

25+ feet tall bamboo

This bamboo is 22' tall, container at the rear, canes wrapped in plastic, out the passenger window, and tied off to the front grill of a standard SUV.

We ship Very Large Bamboo!
Specimen Plants, 15 to 40 feet tall:
The Bamboo Garden also specializes in very large bamboos of several species in 15 gallon through 100 gallon containers, including: Phyllostachys atrovaginata, P. aureosulcata, P. aureosulcata 'Spectabilis', P. bambusoides 'All Gold', P. bambusoides Japanese Timber Bamboo", P. dulcis, P. nigra "Black Bamboo", P. nigra 'Henon', Pseudosasa japonica, P. edulis "Moso", and many others, up to 40 ft. tall.

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