Bamboo Digging and Cutting Tools

Bamboo Slammer


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"The Slammer is a multi-tool combining a sledgehammer impacting on a digging bar and an axe head. The slide-hammer action produces force to the same spot again and again, focusing the energy to small, precise areas. The heavy-duty, sharp, 5-sided blade cuts through roots, rocks and tough ground. Once sunk in the ground, rock the Slammer side-to-side to dislodge. It's efficient, easy to use and less expensive than heavy machinery equipment or herbicide use.  It's useful for working in tight spaces where machinery or other tools cannot be used"  -The Slammer Tool, NZ

This is a great option for cutting or dividing larger bamboo.

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The King of Spades™


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Made in USA. We sell the "King of Spades" root cutting spade (13" blade, long metal handle). This is a professional grade tool for cutting roots and rhizomes, or digging bamboo. These spades are extremely tough and built to last, plus you will find many other uses for them beyond bamboo. We have been using this shovel for many years at the nursery. We highly recommend it for any bamboo grower, general landscaper, hobbyist or professional.  One rubber foot pad included.

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