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Pseudosasa japonica 'Akebono'

Max/Avg Height (ft.):

Diameter: 1 inch

Hardiness: 0º F

USDA Zones:

This form of japonica has leaves that are akebono style, or whitish fading to light green. Much slower growing than green Pseudosasa japonica, this form is best for a shady site. The leaves, 5 to 13 inches long by 1.75 inches wide, are much larger than the leaves of other hardy bamboos of similar size. The culm sheaths are persistent.

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1 to 3 ft


2 to 4 ft


4 to 7 ft


7 to 12 ft


12 to 15 ft


15 to 18 ft


18 to 25 ft


up to 35 ft
max / avg.
Height (ft.) in Zone 8
or Clumping
Light Tolerance range
Pseudosasa japonica 'Akebono'
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