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Phyllostachys heteroclada f. solida

Solid Stem

Max/Avg Height (ft.): 35, 30

Diameter: 2 inches

Hardiness: -10 F

USDA Zones: 6-10

This form of water bamboo usually has a solid stem, making it particularly strong.  Also, reportedly more cold hardy than regular P. heteroclada. Like other forms of water bamboo it  has air canals in the rhizomes and roots which allow it to grow in wet soils where other bamboos would suffer, although it will do best in well draining soil. As seen in the photo of  the base of the culms, this form sometimes has distorted, shortened and swollen internodes. These solid stem bamboos are strong and flexible. They are also very resistant to splitting, making them very useful.  It is also called Phyllostachys purpurata.

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Plant Name


1 to 3 ft


2 to 4 ft


4 to 7 ft


7 to 12 ft


12 to 15 ft


15 to 18 ft


18 to 25 ft


up to 35 ft
max / avg.
Height (ft.) in Zone 8
or Clumping
Light Tolerance range
Phyllostachys heteroclada f. solida
35, 30
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