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Arundinaria gigantea

River Cane, Canebreak Bamboo

Max/Avg Height (ft.): 25, 15-20

Diameter: 1 inch

Hardiness: -10° F

USDA Zones: 6-10

**Limit 2 plants per customer for all Arundinaria gigantea, until further notice**

This species, along with its shorter form, ‘Tecta’, are the only bamboos native to the United States. It was once widespread in the southeast, growing in Florida and as far north as Ohio and Maryland, covering thousands of acres of rich bottomland. Although still seen in small patches, these large groves have largely been replaced by farms. Arundinaria gigantea has been recorded growing to over 30 feet tall in the past, but it is now seldom seen growing much over 20 feet tall.  The 'Tecta' form looks similar but only grows 6-8 feet tall and is tolerant of wet soil. Another variety called 'Macon' is rumored to grow more upright and to be cold tolerant to -22 F.  We cannot verify if this is true, but we hope so. We have all three types, but only in limited quantity for sales.

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Mature Height Max / Avg. (ft.) in Zone 8
or Clumping
Zone Range
Light Tolerance
Range (1-5)
*Depends on climate*
Arundinaria gigantea
25, 15-20