Bamboo Art

 By Charissa Brock

Artist statement

Bamboo, rocks, and wax linen thread are used to create my sculptures, which contain references to tools, weapons, and musical instruments. In the past archeologists have found objects such as these containing clues about the development of culture and the consciousness of man. When I look at the objects created in the past I have questions: "What was it for? What ceremony surrounded it? What is the story of the person behind the object?" These same questions could be asked of contemporary handmade objects. In the abstract objects I create, I incorporate a continuous narrative of my own internal culture, one that includes all cultures I am exposed to. Referencing the objects of the past through knots, interwoven lines, and stacking systems, I am creating a story of culture in hopes of calling to mind the story in us all.

Bamboo Armor

Tryon Creek Installation

Three Sisters


Kissing Stones


Newer work at Cavin Morris Gallery