Pseudosasa japonica 'Tsutsumiana'
Common Name: "Green Onion Bamboo"

Maximum Height: 18 feet, usually 10 to 15'
Diameter:  3/4''
Hardiness: 0 F
Recommended for USDA zone 7 through 10

This form has swollen culm and rhizome internodes that  resemble a string of beads or a "green onion", hence the common name. It usually is shorter than the regular Pseudosasa japonica but has the same leaf pattern. Makes a good mid-sized screen with an interesting cane
feature. Nice container plant for indoors or outdoors.

Photo copyright: Dain Sansome, 2003

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Photo copyright: Noah Bell, 2008

Photo copyright: Noah Bell, 2005
"Green Onion Bamboo"