pots of Pleioblastus distichus at a distance

Pleioblastus distichus close up
photos copyright:
Dain Sansome, 2019

photos copyright: Dain Sansome, 2019
Pleioblastus distichus maintained and mowed as a lawn.


Pleioblastus distichus
Common name: Dwarf Fernleaf Bamboo

Height: 2 feet
Hardiness: -5 F

USDA Zone 6 - 10.

Also called Pleioblastus pygmaeus var. distichus, this is one of the smallest bamboos. The most noticeable characteristic of this bamboo is the very tough and erect leaf texture. The leaves fan out in groups of 5 or so, making them look very much like little palm or fern leaves.  It is similar to but a little hardier than  Pleioblastus pygmaeus, although both are root hardy to well below zero Fahrenheit. Due to its small leaves, it is also nicely suited for a bonsai plant.

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