photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden, 2014
A nice 3 year old hedge of  Spectabilis at a local landscape.  This planting has a three sided barrier in the back with a raised bed and pruning trench in the front.

photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden, 2009
Synchronized bending of the new shoots! Spectabilis has many interesting and decorative qualities.

photo copyright: Ned Jaquith, 2002

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Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis'
Common Name: Spectabilis

Maximum Height: 25 to 30 feet
Diameter: 2 inches
Hardiness: -10 F
Recommended USDA zone 5 through 10.

        This aptly named form of "Yellow Groove Bamboo" is spectacular. Its colors are reversed from the species, i.e., it has bright yellow culms with a green sulcus. It is the hardiest bamboo with yellow and green striped color pattern. Spectabilis is  vigorous and rather rare. Like the other forms of the species, this bamboo makes an excellent hedge or screen due to its fast, upright growth.

        When grown in a sunny location,  the new culms have a spectacular red highlight in the spring and early summer. In one picture you can see bright color and the other shows the zig-zag pattern the culms this species sometimes form at the base.  It is also on excellent bamboo for growing in containers due to its hardiness and upright growth.

Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Harbin inversa'   is similar to Spectabilis but has random green streaks on a yellow cane instead of the solid green stripe.

photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden, 2009
Upright stature + colorful canes + effective screening = Spectabilis.

photo copyright: Ned Jaquith, Bamboo Garden, 2008
Nice new Spectabilis shoots
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photo copyright: Ned Jaquith, 2003
Spectabilis showing red highlight in sun