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Photo Copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden 2019

Rusty-red branch sheaths and purple canes.

Fargesia sp. 'Scabrida' 'Silver Dragon'

Maximum Height: 12-14 feet
Diameter: 0.5 to .75 inches
Hardiness: 0 F
USDA zone 7 through 9, not for climates with high heat and humidity (southeastern states).

  This new bamboo has all best characteristics of Fargesia sp. 'Scabrida'  but with a beautiful emergence of white leaf variegation in the spring shooting season from April through July.  Not heavily variegated, but does provide a nice frosting of bright foliage. By mid summer the white stripes fade to a darker bluish-green and look much like the parent Fargesia sp. 'Scabrida'. Discovered by Noah Bell at Bamboo Garden as a mutation of the original plant. Gradually, through careful cultivation, the striping stabilized and now we are offering this unique new cultivar to the ornamental market. A shade-loving clumping bamboo that provides exciting colors and graceful, airy leaf texture. New Release!

Photo copyright: Noah Bell, 2020
New Shoot on 'Silver Dragon'